Visa Processing

  • The following documentary requirements are required in the application of a FAB Investor’s Visa:
  1. Duly accomplished Bureau of Immigration General Application Form 
  2. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page.  Also include shall include all pages with arrival/departure information, stamps, and visas;
  3. Written Sworn Statement Declaration that the investment shall be used with the FAB or Certificate of Allocation issued by the President or Chairman of the Enterprise that the applicant has allocated US $ 75,000.00 or its Peso equivalent;
  4. Curriculum Vitae by the Applicant;
  5. Tax Identification Number in the Philippines;
  6. Applicant’s Medical Certificate issued two weeks, at most, from the date of application.
  • Timeline: The FIV letter of endorsement will be transmitted by AFAB to the Bureau of Immigration, together with the complete documentary requirements, within 7 hours and 45 minutes upon receipt of complete documentary requirements.
An ACR I-card shall be issued after compliance with the applicable procedure and verification of approved Visa.  This includes photo capturing, fingerprint and signature of subject. It can be taken/captured separately by practice.
 FAB Dependents Visa is issued to legal spouse and dependent unmarried children below twenty-one (21) years old of FIV and FWV holders. An FDV of a qualified child is valid until the holder reaches twenty-one (21) years old.

Visa Benefits

Yes, the corporation (Oz or your registered company) will endorse the individuals/employees for the FIV.

No, PhilHealth is for Filipino Citizens and premium payments are required. You may avail of other health insurance for this concern.
The AFAB is authorized to issue permanent residency visas within the FAB to foreign nationals under the conditions and provisions stated in RA 9728, as amended by RA 11453.   This privilege may be extended to legal dependents of the foreign investors.
The validity of a FAB investors visa remains active as long as the minimum investment is maintained which shall be subject to a regular audit. The minimum duration of staking is 5 years, and it is renewable.

No, you will be able to reside anywhere in the juridical territory of that economic zone.


Kindly submit a ticket in your Oz Wallet and attach any proof of your claims (e.g. screenshots, screen records, emails, etc).
We will send you an email regardless of the result.
You may refer to this file for a step-by-step guide. 
Yes, you can buy and deposit as long as your email is verified.
Identification documents like passport, residence permit, or driver’s license, plus a copy of a billing statement to prove your residence.
TOTOZ can be purchased with USDT (through the BEP20, ERC20 and TRC20 networks), USDC, and with USD through wire transfer. Upon registration on the Oz Wallet, the payment channels will be made available to you.
At the moment there is no “unstake” option in the Oz Wallet.  
Upon logging in, please click on “Staking” then “New Stake.” Choose your preferred staking package; don’t worry, you can stake for multiple packages. Enter how much you will be staking in USDT Value. The price basis will always be the current sell price value of TOTOZ. After confirming, you will be directed to a page where you will see your staking history.  
You will receive an email notification that a response has been made. In the wallet, please click the title of the ticket you created to access the response.
Simply re-upload the correct documents through the wallet.  

None. If you failed in KYC, kindly reupload documents in their correct format.

As of now, rewards are not given yet but we have a record of your referral code and the number of times it was used. You will be informed once the rewards are distributed.  

You may refer to this file for a step-by-step guide. How to purchase TOTOZ.  

No, you will be able to reside anywhere in the juridical territory of that economic zone.

About Oz

At the moment, the partner ecozone of Oz is the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan in the Philippines.
We are currently in talks with countries including Honduras, Guatemala, Vanuatu, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, East Timor amongst others, and even 1–2 countries in Europe. Our vision is to create TOTAL Asset Portability and Residency.
TOTOZ is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain network.
 Yes. There is no cost. You merely need to stake your tokens (which are your assets) in the wallet. The tokens are unlocked and returned to you after 5 years. If you have to renew the residency, you will need to restake US$75,000 or US$100,000 worth of tokens. If the price has gone up, you can sell the rest.
TOTOZ is our residency coin, but we also have a Governance Token within our ecosystem because our vision is to transition into a DAO. Transferring ownership and governance to the community.

TOTOZ is currently in pre-sale. When purchasing TOTOZ, it’s technically a commitment to purchase the token. Once the pre-sale is over, the Wallets will be awarded with all the TOTOZ committed to.

No, TOTOZ is not a payment token. TOTOZ is intended to be used as a staking token for residency benefits in our partner ecozones.

TOTOZ is planned to launch on July 15 on the Bitrue exchange.