What is OZT?

OZT is not just your ordinary cryptocurrency. It's the world's first residency-enabled token of which any individual can avail of asset protection and residency services. 

With OZT, you can avail of services to secure a second residency in select countries in order to gain access to numerous benefits, including a better quality of life, good healthcare system, sustainability, and tax-reduced business operations with light regulations. 

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After the verification process, you can buy OZT to gain access to its benefits.

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Upon registration, you need to submit the required documents to get verified. 

About OZ Token

40,000,000,000,000 (40 Trillion)

Total Supply






Starting Price of OZT on Platform


Distribution to Team


Distribution to Private Sale


Distribution to Utility

OZT Utility


Payment for Asset Protection & Tax Planning Packages


Payment for Residency Packages

* Staking of the Tokens is recognized as Economic Activity with Oz which allows us to have our cake and eat it too.

How are OZTs used?

Non-Crypto Native

User transfers fiat to Oz’s Bank Account.

Oz deducts the payment part of the package.

Oz’s representative purchases tokens at the formulated rate for the staking part of the package and stakes the OZT into a wallet setup for the User.

Crypto Native

User transfers stablecoin into the Oz Wallet or transfers OZT tokens purchased from 3rd party exchanges into the Oz Wallet.

User swaps his stablecoin into OZT tokens at the formulated rate.

User stakes the required number of OZT tokens andpays the remaining in stablecoin.


When someone purchases Oz Tokens during its private or public sale, they are provided services equivalent to the USD or USDT value received.

Private and public sale participants receive tokens as a bonus. Think of it as a buy one take one deal.

Oz Tokens may be used to avail of residency services, asset protection services and tax reduction services.

Customers may pay using Oz tokens at the scarcinomic exchange rate or sell the tokens in the open market, whichever is higher. This gives the user the flexibility and comfort that there is always going to be a base price for tokens if they are to redeem it for services.

As tokens re staked for residency and used for services, this further reduces token supply.

Oz Tokens represents the bridge between real world benefits and tokenomics that any business can utilize.

This token doesn't qualify as an investment contract or security under the Howey Test, as it doesn't entail an investment of money expecting profits from others' efforts. Its value may fluctuate, and there's no assurance of profit or return on investment, with past performance not predicting future results.

How is the price of OZT calculated?

Oz will deliver services in exchange for tokens staked based on the following formula:

Price Per OZT:

Genesis Price of OZT

No. of Available OZT/Total OZT Supply

Listing of OZT on Exchanges

The Oz leadership works with various partners to list Oz tokens. Oz in no way guarantees that token prices will increase in value. The sole purpose of listing is to make the tokens more accessible to the public strictly for use.

Oz Wallet Features


Buy, store, and swap tokens

The Oz Wallet is a secure and user-friendly non custodial digital wallet that lets you buy, hold, and swap OZT and USDT tokens.

With its simple and secure login, you can be assured that your digital assets are always safe and accessible.

The key vault feature of the wallet allows you to manage and store your private keys, providing added security to your digital assets.


Buy and store OZT for its utility

The Oz wallet provides a user-friendly and secure platform for individuals to purchase and store OZT tokens.

It offers a convenient and streamlined process to buy OZT.

Overall, the Oz wallet offers a reliable and efficient solution for those looking to buy and store OZT tokens and take advantage of the life changing benefits of privacy protected, light regulation, tax reduced living.

Your Life. Your Terms.

Gain access to OZT's numerous benefits and utility provided by Oz Living which includes asset protection, privacy protection, tax-efficient business operations with light regulations, and second residencies that gives individuals and their families the freedom to live a better quality of life anywhere they choose.

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