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OZ - Sustainable OZ Open Eco Zones

Digital Assets Should Bring Real World Benefits to its Users - Welcome to Oz.

What is Oz?
Oz is a global community that intends to find, partner, reside, and operate in open zones that are able to provide the benefits of Oz Living.
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OZ Vision
Our Vision
A network of thriving Oz ecozones around the world fully harnessing the power and convenience of digital technology and assets to enable residency, trade, and finance.
Oz mission
Our Mission
To enable true asset and residency portability through digital assets; To future proof partner ecozones' economic growth and prosperity; To create sustainable, thriving Oz ecozones around the world, connecting real world living, with digital assets.
What We Give - What We Get
We give ecozones Blockchain Technology and Tokenization; Digital Infrastructure; Policy and Regulatory Frameworks; Investors; Development Master plans; Capital; and Community.
Oz Dao
We get for our users Residency Benefits; Tax Incentives; Privacy Protection and Regulatory Cover, and get for the DAO, Economic Rights to Real Estate, Fees from Smart City Services, Fees from Managing the Digital Layer.
Oz Living Benefits
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Near-Zero Tax - Oz Finance
Near-Zero Tax - Oz Finance
Tax-incentivized operations for your business in a virtual or physical setting.
Protect your identity under ecozone regulation.
Real-time credit for individuals and businesses.
Raise capital for your project or business through Oz funding programs.
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OZ Flagship Ecozone
The Philippines is the largest democratic country to host the most ecozones. We are happy to announce that the oldest and largest Philippine Ecozone, the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) is the first ecozone to provide Oz Living by being part of the Oz network.

FAB is a 170 Square Kilometer Special Economic Zone located at the center of Asia within the Philippines, a couple of hours away from its capital, Metro Manila.

Our partnership sets the stage for all ecozones to follow where registered Citizens of Oz may enjoy the full benefits of Oz Living
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The World’s First Residency-Enabled Token
TOTOZ incentivizes individuals to stake their TOTOZ Tokens in order to qualify and apply for Oz Living.
Finally! Some Real World Utility!
Oz token holders may apply for Oz Living with any member ecozone should their staked TOTOZ reach $75K or $100K in value to gain access to tax incentives, residency rights, and privacy protections that come with Oz Living, while growing their wealth internationally!
TOTOZ tokens are used to apply for Oz Living
The OZ Roadmap
With the passing of the law RA11453, the passing of AFAB IRR, and GTX’s listing of the TOTOZ token, Oz will bring together a network of ecozones around the world, creating global economic residency and business opportunities, Blockchain technology will be the cornerstone of development, focusing on Oz member zone development.
OZ - A person looking at the benefits of OZ Living
OZ - A person looking at the benefits of OZ Living
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