Raffle Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Raffle


WHEREAS, the service package offered by the raffle organizer is designed to provide valuable information and assistance to the winner in navigating the process of obtaining Philippine residency;

WHEREAS, the raffle organizer wishes to promote its services and increase public awareness of the benefits of obtaining Philippine residency;

WHEREAS, the participants acknowledge and agree that their participation in the raffle is subject to these terms and conditions, and that they are fully aware of the implications of their participation;

WHEREAS, the parties understand and agree that the prize awarded in the raffle is non-transferable and non-exchangeable, and that the winner shall be solely responsible for all taxes and fees (if any) associated with the prize;

WHEREAS, the parties agree to be bound by the rules and procedures established by the raffle organizer for the conduct of the raffle, and to cooperate with the raffle organizer in the administration of the raffle;

WHEREAS, the parties acknowledge and agree that the raffle organizer shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or expenses incurred as a result of participation in the raffle, and that the raffle organizer is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided by the raffle organizer or its agents;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

1. Eligibility

The raffle is open to all individuals who are of legal age and legally eligible and capacitated to enter into a contract in their respective jurisdictions. The raffle is void where prohibited by law.

2. How to Enter Raffle

Participants may enter the raffle through the official registration process provided by the raffle organizer. Only one entry per person is permitted. Participants must provide their full name, email address, and contact number when registering for the raffle.

3. Raffle Period

The raffle period will begin on April 26, 2023 and end on April 28, 2023. Entries received outside of the raffle period will not be eligible to win.

4. Winner Selection

The winner will be selected from all eligible entries received during the raffle period, within the period of June 2023 (exact date to be announced by the raffle organizer). The winner will be notified by email.

5. Prize

The prize is a service package of the raffle organizer to assist the winner in obtaining Philippine residency. The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other item. The winner will be solely responsible for all taxes and fees associated with the prize.

6. Acceptance of Prize

The winner must accept the prize within five (5) days of being notified. If the winner does not accept the prize within the given time, the prize will be forfeited, and a new winner will be selected.

7. Conditions for Availment of Prize

The winner, upon acceptance, shall execute such relevant definitive documentation with the raffle organizer to formalize the terms and conditions of the service package subject of the raffle. Nothing in these terms and conditions of raffle shall be construed as a legal obligation on the part of the raffle organizer to deliver the service subject of the raffle until and unless such definitive documentation has been formally executed.

8. Marketing Communications

By entering the raffle, participants agree to receive communications from the raffle organizer or any related entity associated with “Oz Living”, including promotional emails and newsletters. Participants will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter, but may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter or by contacting Oz Living directly.

9. Limitation of Liability

The raffle organizer is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by participants as a result of entering the raffle or accepting the prize.

10. Governing Law

The raffle shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.

11. Modification or Termination

The raffle organizer reserves the right to modify or terminate the raffle at any time without prior notice.

12. Disputes

Any disputes arising from the raffle shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.

By participating in this raffle, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

13. Binding Effect

These terms and conditions shall have legally binding effect upon the participant and winner upon entering and registering for the raffle, without need of signing these terms and conditions.

Oz Living Services Inc.

Raffle Organizer

Date: 24 April 2023

[Nothing follows.]

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